Veconinter teams up with ONG’s to make a difference

22/03/2017 by Carlos Leones

In the framework of commemorating the Autism Awareness Month, Veconinter is promoting an important initiative that involves partnerships with ONG’s to support autism causes, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSR).

April is an important month for Autism causes, as it is dedicated to raise awareness and understand the impact of Autism in our society as well as the role that each one of us could play in supporting this causes by volunteering or donating to ONG´s.

Veconinter’ Social Responsibility Program was created in 2016 to contribute with foundations and communities that promote social development as well as to cooperate with local ONG’s keeping in mind our corporate values such as honesty, responsibility, teamwork, and respect.

Since then, the company started its CSR Policy, which involved the creation of our official volunteer group and the implementation of different activities to benefit the communities in which the company develops its commercial activities.

This year, we want to involve our clients and consignees on these initiatives in order to increase the range of the actions we aim to develop. There are different foundations that we will be supporting this year related to causes such as autism, breast cancer, hepatitis, and HIV, among others.

Our clients and consignees will have the opportunity to increase the amount of money we will donate to each of these ONG’s by timely paying their invoices.

From April 1st, for every invoice collected in each country (Trinidad &Tobago, Barbados and USA), we will donate the equivalent to 1 USD to the foundation we have selected in that country. The three foundations that we will be supporting are:

We encourage you to get to know this amazing foundations and the incredible projects they have for Autism causes. There are so many ways to support this projects, we invite you to get involved.

To make your contribution to this program in a fast and secure way, you will also have the option to make online payments through our partnership with Paypal, debit or credit card.

We hope you can join us to serve these worthy causes throughout the year.

With your support, we can make a big difference!

The Veconinter Team