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Tropical Shipping appoints Veconinter to manage Demurrage & Detention Program in Belize

10/01/2023 by Sofía Benavides

To our valued customers,

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Veconinter to manage the invoicing and collection of Demurrage and Detention charges in Belize.

Effective October 15h. 2022, invoicing and collections of all expenses related to Demurrage & Detentions on Carriers’ equipment will be processed by Veconinter.

Veconinter is a global leader in its industry with 35+ years of experience, offering services to the Maritime Industry using innovative technology. Now directly operating in 40 countries on 4 continents, Veconinter has a proven track representing most Ocean carriers as well as more than 70 NVOCCs across its network.

Unless otherwise contractually agreed by Tropical Shipping, all payments for these invoices must be made to Veconinter.

For your convenience Veconinter has provided the following contact information should you have any questions regarding their services:

Customer Service Line: +1 888-841-4972 / +1 888-386-3930 / +1 305-592-7857


Chat with us online at

Thank you for your continued support.


Source: Tropical Shipping.