TOP 20 US NVOCC’s by import volumes through 2016

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The trade data provider based in the United States, Datamyne, released a report that shows the Top 20 Non-vessel Operating Common Carriers in the US through the year 2016 by import volumes.

What’s an NVOCC?

According to Business Dictionary, an NVOCC is a shipment consolidator or freight forwarder who doesn’t own any vessels but functions as a carrier, assuming responsibility for the shipments.

TOP 20 NVOCCs 2016

The Datamyne ranking indicates the TEUs carried by the top three carriers: Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), Maersk Line and Evergreen.

The top three on the ranking includes, in the first place, Expeditors International of Washington Inc. with 461,420 TEU’s, the most of the volume was carried by MSC. Blue Anchor America Line is on the second place with 431,909 TEUs, followed by Christal Lines (368,157 TEUs).

There was little difference among the top 10 NVOCCs of 2015 and 2016, just a few changes in the position of the companies due to the variation of TEUs.

The totals of TEUs for all NVOCC’s through 2016 was 8,113,321.

Here’s the rest of the list:


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