The 10 common packaging mistakes exporters make

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Did you know that about 77% of consumers think packaging reflects the values of the brand they purchase from?

Without a doubt, knowing how to package your goods is one of the most important details for an exporter, but sometimes this issue goes unnoticed.

Packing correctly speaks well of your brand and your product. Additionally, it ensures that the client will receive the product in perfect conditions, avoiding extra costs due to unforeseen returns.

The Spanish blog listed the 10 most common packing mistakes exporters make and how to avoid them:

  1. The size of the box does not correspond to the content’s size: Some exporters would use any size of box available, but this could be a mistake. First, you should consider the type of transport and how many times the cargo will be handled. The blog indicates that having different box sizes will not represent a major change in your budget and causes a good impression.
Here a guide by UPS about the different box sizes according to the package:
  1. Not using enough box filling material: Make sure to use enough filling material when packing your boxes. In the case of being hit, the filling will cushion the impact.
  2. Using too much filling material: This is the opposite case. The use of too much filling material is just a waste of money and makes your customers mad and impatient. Remember that they will be the ones dealing with all this excess when the package arrives.
  3. Not using enough packaging film for palletizing: Using enough packaging film will ensure that every box will stay in place during transport and storage.
  4. Using bubble wrap instead of foam packaging for fragile surfaces: Foam packaging is the ideal material to isolate products. According to experts, using bubble wrap could scratch delicate surfaces.
  5. Excess of tape: Abusing of tape is also a waste of resources because the excess of tape will not protect more the content of the box.

UPS recommendation is to tape in an "H" pattern with 3-inch or wider tape and put the label on top.

  1. Reusing boxes: According to UPS packaging manager, a recycled box can lose 50% of its strength. You should consider this when reusing shipping boxes.

Nevertheless, we agree that used boxes must be recycled! On the internet, you will find +1000 of ideas to find another use for this material.

  1. Not including a “fragile” sticker: You cannot forget to indicate it when packaging fragile items. Remember to always put the label on the top of the box.
  2. Not packing documents carefully: When you include payment receipts or any type of documents inside the boxes, the correct way to do it is using some plastic adhesive packing list mailing/shipping envelope pouch. If the customer receives wrinkled papers, he might think you are careless!
  3. Using small paper envelope: It is also very common to use envelopes that do not fit with the documents size. This detail will complicate the labor of whoever should take the papers out of the envelope without damages.

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