Shanghai plans to become the largest shipping center in China

20/09/20160 CommentsSEO SEO
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Did you know the name Shanghai literally means “on the sea”? As the most populous city in China, for centuries, Shanghai has been a global financial center and a transport hub. The port of Shanghai has been on the top in the ranking of container throughput in the world for six straight years and currently is the largest port in the world. Of course, this doesn’t end here. The Shanghai’s Municipal Government has a 5 year-plan to turn this city into a global shipping hub by 2020 that includes comprehensive shipping services and logistics. In a press release, the local authority said that the project would receive $2.7 Billion to increase the port’s container capacity and turnover to 45 million TEU annually. “The under construction of the fourth phase of Yangshan Deep- Water Port is an automated terminal project, which will be put in trial production by next year, with an extra 4 million TEUs,” said Zhang Lin, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission. The strategic plan also includes the cruise industry. Shanghai expects to become the largest port in the Asia-Pacific region with enough space for 15 cruise ships. Additionally, the city will build two airports to increase the capacity to 160-180 million passengers per year and four railway stations will be expanded. As the nation’s main port, Shanghai Waigaoquiao Port implemented a set of measurements to increase productivity related to shipping activities such as: Online pre-inspections of documents, one-stop customs clearance services As the port with the nations largest container handling capacity, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Port has instigated a number of productivity measures aimed at international shipping such as online pre-inspection of documents and one-stop customs clearance services, reports China Daily. The waiting and inspection time for an inbound ship has been reduced from 24 hours to 12 hours.

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