Hyster introduces innovative system to obtain container’s VGM

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Hyster, an American company that specializes as a manufacturer of material handling equipment, such as reachstackers and industrial forklift trucks, introduced two systems to obtain the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) with the objective of support the logistics industry in the comply with SOLAS regulations.

The innovations were presented at the event Hyster® HUB 2016, that was held from 4th – 7th October in Weeze, Germany. The clients had the opportunity to experience the company’s products and services.

According to Hyster, the systems, Static and Static+ are easy to use. The operator should press a button, which sets a pre-programmed cycle to obtain de verified gross mass of the container. Then, inside the cab, the operator input container identification to obtain the verified gross mass with the corresponding date.

The information can be saved to a USB unit or printed using an in-cab printer. Some models with 3G and Wi-Fi technology will be able to send the information directly to the Terminal Operating System.

The systems are based on technology that complies with the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML).

Static and Static+ systems are designed to work with Hyster reachstacker that are up to five years old and will work in countries where “Legal for Trade” regulations apply.

With the Static*, the operator should lift the container for five seconds on a flat surface to obtain the VGM.

The main advantages of using these weighing systems for containers are: It doesn’t disturb the workflow because the VGM is obtained at the same moment the container is handled. In the second place, the system is highly accurate. According to the manufacturer, it has a weighing error of less than 1%.




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