Press Release

Veconinter offers a new website experience!

26/11/2018 by Patricia Ilija

We are glad to announce the launch of our new webpage, where you will be able to enjoy a new innovative experience with its new design and improved functionality in order to maximize the end-user experience towards functionality and effectiveness.

With its new design you will be able to have a multi-device experience where the look and feel of all screens will adapt automatically, offering you more flexibility through all your devices from your computer, through a tablet or smartphone. 

The Our Services section will offer you more information regards all of our services, and in addition you will be able to enjoy the videos from the Veconinter channel on YouTube. Also in the Contact section you will able to connect your location to our office address with Google Maps and navigate your way through, making it easier to find us worldwide.

The Veco Online button will keep offering you connectivity to our web access where you will be able to manage your operations up to date maintaining the functionality of it and enjoying the features of strategic information at all times.

Leading the way to smart solutions has always been a priority for Veconinter. Offering our clients an innovative experience where technology meets functionality for a well-balanced result, offering you more than solutions an experience like no other company in the market has.

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