Veconinter a successful business case by the International Entrepreneurship Textbook

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Veconinter business case study on the new publication of Dr. Robert D. Hisrich

Caracas, Venezuela: Venezolana de Control Intermodal C.A (Veconinter), the leading company in billing and collections management on the maritime industry, the case study was selected to be published in the third edition of the book International Entrepreneurship from the bestseller author Dr. Robert D. Hisrich.

The book covers a variety of real life business cases, which reflects the origins, development and management of global projects, with the aim of offering to students and entrepreneurs, the tools they need to successfully launch international ventures, on a highly competitive business atmosphere.

The author also inquires in topics such as: the develop of business plans on a global scale, international opportunities selection and determine the best entry strategies, considering at the same time the legal concerns, the global monetary systems and global human resource management for entrepreneurs.

The case study about Veconinters´s experience took place between 2009 and 2014 by a group of the Boston College students working together with a Veconinter internal team, under the supervision of Professor Gregory L. Stoller. This study case details the beginnings of the organization by its founder Mr. Leonardo Brea, from the presentation of the business idea to the corporation’s expansion throughout the continent, taking into account the economic and sociocultural challenges.

The case of study is available on Veconinter´s web page: Veconinter:

Venezolana de Control Intermodal is a corporation with 27 years of experience, specialized in the administrative management of invoice and collections for the maritime industry, that provides an integrated management for intermodal equipments. With presence in more than 14 countries, Veconinter is considered a reference within the maritime sector. As it is the only high quality solution with an ISO 9001 FONDONORMA certification.

For more information, please visit our webpage: VECONINTER, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, ROBERT HISRICH, GREGORY STOLLER, BOSTON COLLEGE, LEONARDO BREAContact:   Department of Communications Veconinter Patricia Ilija Arianna +58-212-9764269@Veconinter
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