This is APL’s answer to “K” Line’s accusations

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A few days ago, we witnessed how “K” Line made a statement concerning the rumors that were circulating about the company’s bankruptcy.

The Japanese company did not wait too long to deny the false messages, insisting on a sound financial condition and credit rating:

“It has become known to us that a certain NVOCC company had circulated false e-mails stating a potential bankruptcy of “K” Line to their customers. The message contained in the e-mails is unfounded without basis of any financial analysis and what is stated therein is false. We have strongly protested to the said company, who has admitted that the statement was false and promised to send to their customers a message to retract such statement. We are also considering to take any necessary legal measures that we may have against the concerned parties”.

The company blamed APL Logistics of starting the rumors and said “K” Line was looking at legal options.

Correspondingly, APL Logistic (a wholly owned subsidiary of Kintetsu World Express, Inc.), released a statement via its President Beat Simon, explaining that a “small number” of employees “conveyed opinions to several customers that touch on the potential financial position or viability of K Line”.

Here the full message from APLL:

26 September 2016

To: APL Logistics Group Customers

From: Beat Simon, President, APL Logistics

Re: Statement made in respect of “K” Line

On or around 20 to 21 September 2016, a small number of APL Logistics Group employees conveyed opinions to several customers that touch on the potential financial position or viability of “K” Line. These employees have since retracted their statements or are in the process of doing so.

The APL Logistics Group states unreservedly that it is not our practice to comment on the financial position of other market participants; neither in a negative nor positive aspect. The APL Logistics Group, therefore, does not endorse the comments made by these employees.

Should you wish to be apprised of “K” Line’s financial position, you may refer directly to “K” Line’s website.

The APL Logistics Group, will upon your request, continue to accept bookings for “K” Line.


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