The Suez Canal challenges Panama

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The Egyptian construction allows the simultaneous passage of ships

Caracas, Venezuela: On August 6th, Egypt inaugurated the Suez Canal expansion with a big celebration. The modifications to the 72 kilometers infrastructure now allows simultaneous navigation, between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The construction of this project represented an 8 billion dollars investment.

To Panama, Suez represents the main competitor on the struggle for the leadership of the maritime world trade routes between the north- east of China and Japan with the US East coast. While the connection through Panama is shorter and saves almost 4 hours of travel distance, the Suez Canal allows much bigger volume of containers per ship, saving oil costs.

Jorge Quijano, the Panama Canal administrator assures this route will continue to be essential for the world trade, and doesn´t fear to be displaced by Suez Canal, taking into account the upcoming inauguration of the Panama Canal expansion, expected for April 2016.

“The Panama Canal does not fear the competitiveness of the Suez Canal because they belong to different markets, except for the containerships and the route that goes from the north of Asia to the East coast of USA”, said Quijano to AFP. “We expect to bring back clients with the expansion of our canal because it saves time, resources and, being a shorter route, generate less polluting emissions”, added the canal administrator.

Nowdays, Panama has faced two major setbacks; APL and Maersk, two of the biggest shipping lines of the world withdrew their services from Panama to Suez. A hit against the Central American country, considering the importance of the canal on their economy. As it provides around 6% of the annual GDP of the country.

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