Sealand and Connect Americas launch transport costs estimator

20/04/20170 CommentsSEO SEO
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The American carrier Sealand teamed up with Connect Americas –A social network committed to the promotion of trade and international investment in the Americas, created by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) with the support of Google, DHL, Visa, and Alibaba– to launch a web application to help estimate the cost of transporting cargo.

The online tool is available at the Connect Americas website, where the user has to provide details of the shipment: City or port of origin, city or destination port and type of container.

After summiting this information, the user will get the results of the search in USD related to ocean freight and surcharges and documentation and handling costs. However, the website insists on emphasizing that these numbers do not represent a formal quote.

The web app also includes information about demurrage and detention charges, as well as other additional costs: insurance, customs duties, and taxes, package and storage fees, etc.

To access the Transport Cost Estimator go to!/app/search

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