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According to a survey from Deloitte to 7,800 millennials in 29 countries, nowadays the Y generation or “millennials” represents the 35% of the workforce and, in a decade, this percentage will rise till 75%. Many companies are looking for strategies to recruit and retain this young generation born between the 1980´s and the 2000´s.

The main features of this new professionals are that the majority of them is well educated, are tech experts and keep high expectations.

The problem with this generation of workers is that offering a career plan and a health care insurance program just won´t keep them satisfied. Millennials have the firm conviction that through their actions they can change the world, and for that, they require a work environment to grow and develop all their capacities, at the same time allow them enough free time to keep their life standards.

According to Jay Gilbert, author of the article: “The Millennials: A new generation of employees, a new set of engagement policies” there is a generational gap between baby boomers (Born between the 40´s and the 60´s) and millennials. The lack of flexibility of today´s organizations has caused that almost 21% of millennials voluntarily drop their jobs. This percentage was of 3.4% in Latin America. While the X generation and baby boomers could keep their jobs for an average of eight years, millennials stay just for one year, according to a study from the consulting firm PwC that included 120 corporations from Latin America.


Millennials expect their companies to let them rapidly progress, as well as feedback and constant recognition over their actions. Many of them are also interested in activities to give back to society and create an impact around them. If you are thinking about hiring millennials for your company, consider some of this tips:

  • Offer them flexible work schedules: If you offer a flexible work schedule that allow them to distribute their job with the spare time, it will result in a very attractive opportunity. Offer them to work at home or the use of an online desktop.
  • Prioritized the feedback and value their opinions: Create an open and free communication system where opinions and suggestions can freely fluctuate. Plan reunions frequently to evaluate the progress of every project.
  • Create a nice workplace for your employees: If you have the opportunity, turn your workspaces into open environments, without divisions and use flashy designs and colors to give a modern touch where the millennials will feel good to spend the most of the day.
  • Take in count the technological resources: The millennials value the use of technological tools, so bring them the opportunity of using last generation’s equipment, social networks and online resources as part of their working life.

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