Hyundai Merchant Marine jumped from 12th to 4th in market share ranking in 2017

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Korean carrier Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) announced on its website that its Asia-US West Coast (USWC) volume increased 77% year-on-year in June 2017.

HMM’s Asia-USWC handling cargo increased from 7,953 TEU/WK to 14,055 TEU/WK at the end of June, according to PIERS Data. This numbers situate HMM in the fourth place in terms of market share, in comparison to the 12th place from the previous year.

The Asia-all US route cargo handling also had a positive performance, having a growth of 2% in market share terms, from 11,626 TEU/WK to 17,291 TEU/WK in June 2017.

Cargo processing at Busan Port, one of the largest ports in the world, increased by 91% last month, jumping from 78,039 TEU/ month to 148,950 TEU/Month in June 2017, the second largest volume after Maersk.

HMM official commented that “HMM’s volume has dramatically increased, as it has regained customer trust through a successful restructuring and has expanded shipping networks through ‘2M+H strategic cooperation’ and ‘HMM+K2’ consortium… We expect higher volumes in the 3rd quarter, since we’re heading into the peak season.”

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