Colombian exports jumped in first six months of 2017

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According to the National Administrative Statistics Department of Colombia (DANE), the exports ended the first semester of the year 2017 with a positive balance, rising by 20.4%.

The agency explained that the total in USD is 17,462 million. For the same period of last year, the Colombian exports reached $14,498.2 million, with a variation of -25.1%.

Between January and June 2017, the export of fuels and mining products reported $9,178.2 million, a variation of 33.1%. This result was driven by a strong growth in external sales of oil and oil-derived products.

In terms of food and beverages, the exports volume reported a variation of 7%, getting close to the $3,765.5 million. The main products were raw coffee (decaffeinated or not) and coffee husks.

The exports in the manufacturing sector reached the $3,518 million.

The DANE indicated that the main destiny of Colombian exports was The United States, which had a participation of 30% until June 2017.

Other export destinations were Panama, China, Turkey, Ecuador, Brazil, and Netherlands.

In June 2017, $2,777.4 million were exported, with an annual variation of 0.8%. This behavior could be explained by a positive trend in four groups of products: manufactures (5.7%), agricultural business, foods and beverages (6.4%), and other sectors (116.7%).

According to the President of ProColombia, Felipe Jaramillo, the June numbers “are encouraging results to continue the search of more companies interested on internationalization to markets that are buying more from Colombia, like USA, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and the European Union”.



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