10 Tips to become an event logistics expert

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Logistics events seem to have a special value in the shipping and supply chain sector since these occasions are one of the best ways to gather the key players of the industry in the same place.

This type of shows are used as platforms to reinforce relations with actual clients and attract new ones, display new services and products and get some genuine feedback about your business.

If you decide to organize or participate in one of these expos, fairs, trade shows…you must know that it wont be an easy job. It requires tons of patience and discipline, but if you do it right, the effort will pay off! Just follow these simple tips to guaranty that your company will stand out.

We have 10 tips to become an event logistics expert:

  • Make your research about which are the most important events of the year and identify in which ones you will be participating. Create an event’s calendar and work accordingly to it.
  • Go over the exhibitor’s list and check if potential clients or business partners are participating, so you can use the opportunity to increase your network.
  • Define the goals of the event: Sit down to think about what you want to accomplish with this event and how to reach it.
  • List the tasks in order to distribute them among your staff. If a task has smaller tasks to be done, list them too. Creating a visual map or decision tree will allow you to understand how all the activities interconnect and what should be done first.
  • Set a deadline for every task, so if there is any delay, all the tasks affected by it can be adjusted to the new dates.
[caption id="attachment_4435" align="aligncenter" width="369"] Create a decisions tree to define the importance of each task[/caption]
  • Check out the exhibitor’s package that contains the details of shipping specifications and deadlines for contracts or payments. Identify the possible complications of the case.
  • If you are participating in an international expo, pay attention to the customs and government rules of the country. Check that all the documentation is in order and ready. This will avoid unnecessary delays.
  • Look for professional suppliers that guaranty you the best services, so you don´t have to worry about every single detail. Working with reliable and trustworthy professionals for catering, transportation, etc., will give you that necessary space to focus on other things that might deserve your full attention.
  • Make sure the show materials and marketing materials get on time to the location. All the boxes should be labeled according to the instructions.
  • Do not forget about social media: Keep your audience informed since the moment you know you will be participating in the event. On Twitter, create a list of followers that will also attend the event and interact with them through retweets and comments. Something like a “behind the scenes” of the show that you can share with your audience. The day of the event, share videos and photos of your team, your booth and the general atmosphere around the expo.
  • Any event planning requires of teamwork. Make sure to set an effective communications method: An online management platform, e-mails…even apps!


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